Blake Shelton covers "Footloose"

Blake Shelton's version of the Kenny Loggins classic "Footloose" premiered this week on TheBoot.com.

It will be featured in the remake of Footloose, hitting theaters October 14, but Blake had to actually campaign to record the movie's title song. Producers originally wanted a woman to sing "Footloose" this time around, but Blake went and recorded his own version anyway. Obviously, the producers liked it and it will be included on the film's soundtrack, due out September 27.

Even though "Footloose" was a pop hit back in 1984, Blake thinks it fits just right on country radio today. He says, "I knew that we didn't have to stray that far away from the original. When I open my mouth, what comes out is country. It was going to sound country no matter what, but I didn't want it to be too different."

Blake adds that he just wanted to make the song sound right for the movie.

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