What's Poppin'? 10/4/16

To promote the upcoming Gilmore Girls reunion series on Netflix, diners and coffee shops across the country are rebranding as “Luke’s Diner” for a pop-up style experience. Tomorrow only, the businesses will be modeled after the iconic diner featured on the popular TV show. Freebies will also be given away by wait staff who are dressing as some of the characters. If you want to take part in the ultimate Gilmore Girls experience, you don’t have to go too far; Bee Roasters in Indianapolis will be participating at their two locations starting at 6 am tomorrow.


It’s a Hollywood relationship that’s just too good to be true. Yesterday, Jennifer Garner was out getting coffee with a friend when she was stopped by paparazzi and asked what she thought about the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie divorce drama. Jennifer has also been battling an ugly divorce this year, much like Brad. What’s got people talking, though, was Jen’s response to the questions. She laughed and told the photographers she’s been dating Brad! It was obviously a joke, but it would definitely make for an interesting plot twist in all the divorce drama!


Facebook is trying their hand at online shopping, with the announcement that they’ll be launching Marketplace, which is set to rival eBay and Craigslist. Many people have already been using the social media site to sell their stuff in Virtual Garage Sale groups, but now the process will be a little easier. Users will now be able to search and bid for items for sale in their neighborhood. The new feature will be available later this week.

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