My Dublin weekend getaway!

My Dublin couple getaway was so amazing! Check out my pictures and plan your own! 

My boyfriend Jeremy and I had a great time exploring the Zoo! It took us almost all day because there is so much to see! 

This little monkey was adorable, it was so hot out and and he was just digging and playing in the dirt. So Cute! 

We got to the Zoo extra early Sunday morning to see the baby polar bear, Nora. She is only out in the morning during the summer because it is just too hot for her. Watching her play and catch fish was so cool! 

Ever since watching Finding Nemo I have loved Sea Turtles! This one kinda looks like I bothered him.. lol. 

Bears! I love bears! 

Oh.... just enjoying the sun and a snack! 

My ABSOLUTE favorite part of visiting the Columbus Zoo! I never thought I would ever feed a Giraffe... bucket list... check! 

The water park was BIG! I had no idea where to start! I relaxed and got some sun in the lazy river and slide hopped from there! One of the lazy rivers, even has exits to get you around the water park in a fun way! 







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